What is the default forder of GazePlay ?

  • On Windows C:\Users\UserName\GazePlay
  • On MacOs /Users/UserName/GazePlay
  • On Linux /home/UserName/GazePlay

How to create a shortcut Windows for gazeplay.bat ?

  1. Right-click on the file gazeplay.bat and select create a shortcut ;
  2. move the shortcut on the desktop ;
  3. double-click on the shortcut to launch GazePlay.

I click on gazeplay.bat, but it doesn’t work. Why ?

You may see an error message, you certainly don’t have a Java virtual machine on your computer.

Java Runtime Environment (Windows x64 exe version will be in many cases the best choice)

If you experiment some problems send an email to didier.schwab at univ dash grenoble dash alpes dot fr (replace at with @ dash with – and dot with .).

How to change images ?

In a directory called XXX (the name you wish), another directory where you will put a directory called images.

images can have 3 other directories :

  1. portraits : images used by creampie, ninja and bubles portrait. Images should be small (300×300 pixels).
  2. magiccards : images used by magic cards. You can use all image sizes.
  3. blocs : images used by blocs and Scratchcard. Choose big images (the best is at least screen size).

Vous can have as much directory XXX as you wish and change the selected one thanks to the configuration interface.

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