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Gazeplay is a free and open-source software which gathers several mini-games playable with an eye-tracker.

System Requirement

GazePlay works on Windows, MacOs and Linux.

It is usable with all eye-tracker able to control mouse cursor and with:

  • Tobii : Tobii EyeX et Tobii 4C (Windows)
  • Eye Tribe : Eye Tribe Tracker (Windows and MacOs X)


Many poly-disabled people are not able to use their limbs (hands, feet) or their voices in a precise way. Tools and games on digital terminals are thus inaccessible to them. In many cases, gaze is the most direct way that enable them to interact.

Obviously the games must remain simple and the interactions pretty direct to help individuals to understand and assimilate the consequences of their action, or we can say the consequences of their gaze in this case. We can imagine games consisting of shooting targets, bricks, card games, memory etc.

These games should offer at least two advantages to the user:

  1. Allowing him to train his gaze in order to offer him the possibility of acquiring more complex interactions.
  2. To entertain him.